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You are here: Home What We Do Landowner Outreach Cost-Share Programs

Cost-Share Programs

Understory201DixonCenter201272.jpgBecause of the tremendous public benefits that flow from healthy private forests, including abundant wildlife, clean water, fresh air, and even jobs, incentives (sometimes called cost share) of many forms have been created by Federal, State, and even private organizations to encourage landowners to plant, grow and manage forests. This is most especially true with longleaf pine, because of its superior environmental benefits when restored to places where it naturally occurred.

Although the available incentives change regularly, these programs typically reimburse the landowner for a portion of the expenses of approved practices, and the incentives can range from 50 to as much as 90%.  Because forestry investments are long term by their very nature, anything that reduces upfront costs can greatly improve the economics of these investments.  Incentives for ongoing management operations may also be available, and can help by reducing the periodic management expenses of repeated activities like prescribed fire.  Some of the most well known include the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) offered through the Farm Service Agency (FSA) , and programs like Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) or Working Lands for Wildlife through the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), and Partners for Wildlife though the U.S.Fish and Wildlife (USFW). The Longleaf Alliance can help to connect you with potentially available incentive programs for longleaf, wherever your land is located within the historic range, and help you accomplish your objectives on your land while also creating benefits to your community.

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