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Mapping Longleaf Pine

The GIS Resources for Longleaf Pine Ecosystem Restoration and Conservation Workshop was held on November 2010, click here for the summary and notes from this workshop.


An Update on the Longleaf Pine Mapping Effort and Stand Level Database

The Longleaf Alliance, Inc. and the Longleaf Pine Stand Dynamics Lab (LPSDL) have been working together for the past few years with numerous partners on an effort to develop a GIS database of existing longleaf pine stand level data.  Thanks to your continued support and interest, we have been able to keep this effort going. Through support from an anonymous donation, a product from the database will now be completed for public release. We are working to merge the collected data and datasets into a working GIS database for existing spatial data for longleaf pine stands that includes public and private lands within the historic range of longleaf pine. The database will serve as a baseline of knowledge about current existing and available spatial data for longleaf pine stands with the ability to identify knowledge gaps that need priority attention. Please see the website below for the updated data request, deadlines for data submissions, and data resources. Please also see the contact information if you would like to provide data, discuss the effort in more detail, or if you have any questions or comments. Thank you for all of your assistance and your time.

John Gilbert
Research Associate III
Longleaf Pine Stand Dynamics Lab
School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
602 Duncan Drive
Auburn University, AL 36849-5418
334-329-0236 Lab
334-844-1084 Fax

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