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About This Section

Practical Information Needed to Manage or Restore Longleaf Pine Forests

We recognize that for the longleaf pine forest to be restored to anything other than disconnected parcels of public land, active forest management practices must often be employed in order to satisfy the objectives of those private landowners who own the land "between the fragments". This pragmatic approach to longleaf pine forest conservation seems to draw criticism from various groups. Some groups feel that promoting longleaf pine forests is not an economically viable option for landowners. While other groups at the other end of the political extreme, feel that a hands-off, "deep ecology" philosophy is needed to sustain our forests.

Our experience shows that although an economic return from timber can be an important determination in the management of property, it is often not the definitive driving force behind management decisions for the average private landowner. Instead, the objectives of many private landowners are diverse and often include goals such as improving wildlife habitat and scenic beauty on their property.

Although managing for longleaf pine forests is not the miracle solution for every landowner, it certainly is an attractive alternative to current forest management practices. On the other extreme, in the absence of active management practices (most notably, prescribed fire), the very attributes that make longleaf pine forests ecological gems will be lost. The hope is that through sustainable management practices, key biological characteristics of the longleaf pine ecosystem will be accentuated and perpetuated through time.

Up until present, the management for longleaf has been thwarted due to poorly disseminated information. This section of the website is intended to walk through some of the various problems experienced when trying to manage or restore a longleaf pine forest.

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