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The value of longleaf pine forests means different things to different people. These testimonials exhibit that people value longleaf pine forests for a range of reasons: from aesthetics and biodiversity to more directly utilitarian reasons such as quail hunting habitat and high dollar products.

What’s your reason for valuing the longleaf pine forest? Do you have a special story or memory that centers on the longleaf that you want to share? We’d love to hear from you and include your testimonial here. Contact Carol Denhof ( to have your testimonial listed. The website administrators reserve the right to make editorial edits prior to listing.

Victor Beadles - President, Beadles Lumber Company - Moultrie, GA
Charley Tarver - President, Forest Investment Associates - Atlants, GA
Dr. Reed Noss - Professor, University of Central Florida - Orlando, FL
Janisse Ray - Writer & Environmental Activist - Baxley, GA
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