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Longleaf Products

Do you have beautiful longleaf products you'd like to promote? If you do, please contact Carol Denhof at to have your web site, product, or information added to this list.

Pine Needle Baskets made by Melanie

Pine Needle Basket by Melanie WalkerPine Needle Baskets are hand made by Melanie Walter using individually selected and prepared pine needles fresh from the tree and ground area. The needles are collected, soaked and cleaned. Basket is formed by building coils, sewn in the desired shape. They are allowed to air dry and then sealed to protect the surface.

For more information, go to

Lee Tigner's Early American Furnishings

Serving TrayLee Tigner with Early American Furnishings uses reclaimed longleaf pine, along with other reclaimed wood, and uses it to make high end furniture.  The mission of Early American Furnishings is to connect modern lives to our colonial heritage with handmade fine home furnishings crafted from reclaimed old growth lumber.  Please visit their website for more information.

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