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Physiology of Longleaf Pine

Over the past few centuries, few trees have commanded the admiration of so many as the longleaf pine (Pinus palustris Miller).  In 1928 Roland Harper described longleaf pine as the tree species with "probably more uses than any other tree in North America if not in the whole world; and it was probably once the most abundant tree in the United States."  A few years later, John Gould Curtis described longleaf pine as the "pride of the south."  He stated "the longleaf pine tree would probably not be considered very beautiful with its long, scaly trunk and rather scraggly branches, but a whole forest of tall, straight poles canopied over with dark green plumes of long, shaky needles is most attractive and majestic."  We would tend to agree that there are few places in the world that are as beautiful as a forest of longleaf pines.

Click below to learn more about the longleaf pine tree.  We hope you come to embrace this beautiful tree with as much passion as we have!


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