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The Longleaf Alliance Seedling Surcharge Program for Nurserymen

The long-term viability of The Longleaf Alliance is dependent on developing continuing funding sources. Continuing funding will allow the Alliance to develop stable, long-term employment opportunities for quality staff members.  This, in turn, will allow The Longleaf Alliance to dedicate more quality time to longleaf nurseries and tree establishment.

The Longleaf Alliance activities that affect nurseries:

  • build demand by encouraging landowners to plant longleaf pine;
  • facilitate sales of seedlings by referring buyers to suppliers;
  • transfer information to nurseries via staff visits to nursery facilities, telephone discussion, publications, workshops, etc.;
  • provide an interface for nurseries and buyers at workshops, conferences, newsletters, nursery lists, etc.;
  • alert nursery researchers to problems occurring in container nurseries.


The surcharge will enhance several future activities including:

  • dedicated staff time to nursery outreach, thus providing one-on-one contact with LLA staff and
  • dedicated research effort into nursery problems.


Current financial constraints limit the amount of time and effort dedicated to nurseries and planting because:

  • most current Alliance funding is from grants;
  • we must fulfill deliverables of grant; and
  • most grants are for 12 months making it difficult to commit to long term staffing.


The Longleaf Alliance needs long-term continuing funding:

  • to support staff dedicated to regional nursery and planting efforts; and
  • to focus on regional needs rather than needs of a specific grant.


Voluntary Seedling Surcharge – How it works:

  • Nurseries voluntarily add surcharge to cost of seedlings; we suggest adding $1.00 to the price of every 1000 seedlings. (For example, a nursery growing 2 million containerized longleaf seedlings would pay $2,000.00 with a maximum fee to any one organization of $5,000.00)
  • Nursery accepts responsibility of collecting, accounting for and forwarding money to The Longleaf Alliance.
  • Nursery gets tax deduction.
  • The Longleaf Alliance membership is automatically conferred on Nursery.


How will The Longleaf Alliance use the money?

  • A professional staff member will be dedicated to nursery and tree establishment issues; ~ $60,000 (+) is required to support salary, benefits, travel, and operating costs of one professional staff member.
  • Funds will support this staff member to interact directly with member nurseries, conduct container nursery workshops, produce publications, and maintain the web site.


Interested nurserymen, please fill out our Surcharge Form.

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