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Finding Longleaf Pine Seedlings

There has been an increased demand for longleaf pine seedlings over the last several years. The Longleaf Alliance works closely with nurseries to ensure that high-quality seedlings are produced and that landowners know where they may find them.

All of the Nurseries on our list grow high quality longleaf seedlings.  The location of the nursery may be a matter of convenience, but a more important question might be choosing the correct seed source for your area.  Several of these nurseries grow longleaf collected from multiple seed sources. Click HERE to find out which seed source is best for you?

The following nurseries help support The Longleaf Alliance through the Longleaf Seedling Surcharge Program.  Nurseries that participate in the Longleaf Seedling Surcharge Program demonstrate a commitment to The Longleaf Alliance and the reestablishment of longleaf pine and the longleaf ecosystem across the southeastern U.S. While The Longleaf Alliance does not endorse any given nursery, we encourage those purchasing longleaf pine seedlings to support these nurseries and thus The Longleaf Alliance.

Click HERE for Nursery seedling availability updates.



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