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Gulf Coastal Plain Ecosystem Partnership (GCPEP)

GCPEP Partners' Land Map - Click map to enlargeThe Gulf Coastal Plain Ecosystem Partnership (GCPEP) was formed in 1996 to conserve and restore the dwindling longleaf pine ecosystem. The seven public and private landowners agreed to work together to further that goal, and began the effort by enrolling over 840,000 acres of their lands in GCPEP. The partners recognized early on that success would depend upon both internal and external collaboration, and that there would have to be a focus on protection, restoration, management, and public outreach and education. Over the almost 15 years since the partnership was formed, GCPEP has grown to eleven partners and over 1.05 million acres. Within the GCPEP landscape, protection, restoration, and management of longleaf pine has improved dramatically over that period. GCPEP staff and partners have supported the longleaf conservation effort using a variety of conservation tools and strategies. 

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