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Large Flower Partridge Pea in Longleaf Pine Plantings: The Plant, The Issues, The Answers
In this webinar, we will examine how partridge pea grows, reproduces, and spreads. We will also examine potential means of controlling partridge pea with both mechanical and herbicide treatments. We will look into how: partridge pea kills young longleaf seedlings, which cultivars are most risky to utilize, and we will present several alternative species that should be considered as logical and desirable native legumes that could be substituted in native seed mixes to replace large flower partridge pea.
Longleaf Container Grown Seedlings: What’s Good? What’s Bad? What to Look for in Your Seedling Shipment
This webinar is designed to assist: forest landowners, tree planters, foresters, consultants, and other interested parties who may be purchasing and planting container-grown longleaf pine seedlings. During the webinar we will demonstrate the many characteristics of longleaf pine seedlings and the various grades or categories of container-grown longleaf that are shipped on a regular basis. We will also examine the data from survival and growth studies that have been installed across the Southeast, with the express purpose of demonstrating how various categories or grades of seedlings perform in survival and growth when compared to target grade seedlings.
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